SEO Tips for the Holidays

It’s that time of year. Love it or loathe it, we all have our own way of getting through the holidays. One thing is predictable, though. Whichever side of the fence you sit on during the holidays, it’s a time of great distraction. Between social events, work scheduling adjustments, family commitments and financial juggling, staying on top of your SEO can quickly fade from your priority list.

Here’s the bad news. It only takes a short time of neglect for your SEO to take a major hit. Consistency is key and without it, you’re in for a struggle. Search engines are always on the lookout for sites with new relevant content. They also look for activity. Your choice to neglect your website means your audience and target market will be doing the same. More than ever, now is the time to be proactive in your website.

Here is the good news. Your competitors may be neglecting their sites a bit in favor of eggnog, shopping, and Christmas carols. Which, for you, means it is a great time of year to play catch up. It doesn’t take tons of time to invest in your SEO – just deliberate consistency. So here are a few things you can do to help you get through the delightful – or dreadful – holiday season.

1.) Invest a workday in just your SEO. Write several blogs to have on hand to post once a week. That way you don’t need to keep coming back to work on it. Hire a ghostwriter for the holiday season to help you pick up the slack if need be.

2.) During that workday, write several newsletters for your email list. (Read why you should have an email list.) Most businesses would benefit from having a holiday related theme throughout so as to catch people in their holiday spirit.

3.) The holidays are when people are focusing tremendous energy on purchases and gift giving. Consumer related posts are likely to generate more traffic during the holiday season. Invite them to engage with you.

4.) Keep your presence on social media, but focus on your email lists and blogging. If you are going to back off on anything to divert your attention to that eggnog, you’ll suffer the least from participating a bit less on social media. Don’t disappear completely from social media – but maintaining a more passive presence is enough for short periods, like the holidays.

5.) If all else fails, do SOMETHING. Something is better than nothing.

So don the ugly sweater, visit with long lost relatives, and drink eggnog. Or sit at home and watch movies. You can still keep your SEO alive with just a bit of focus.


SEO Tips for the Holidays was last modified: August 26th, 2018 by Brian Manon