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Brands want people to feel as though they know them from the outset, without a long run-in. But creating a situation where that can happen isn’t always easy.


Think about how you feel whenever you approach somebody wearing a suit that represents a company. In all likelihood, the answer is “not good.” Yes – you expect them to be professional. But a generic suit isn’t the best marketing. You don’t know whether you’re dealing with the friendly accountant from down the road or a member of the mafia.


Now take a look at some of the companies that have the best customer relationships. For instance, fast-food outlets know that when they put their staff in uniforms and give them caps, they help to engender trust. Once you put on that uniform, everything changes.


Uniform isn’t something we leave behind in school. It’s actually one of the best marketing tools available. Here’s what makes it so spectacularly successful:


It Makes You Appear More Fashionable


If you leave staff to their own devices, few of them will choose uniforms that present your company in the best possible light. Often, you’ll wind up with style choices that actively work against your brand.


Uniforms, however, can make everyone on your team instantly more fashionable. You go to a professional tailor and find a brand that can pump out shirts that always do your people justice.


Customers will like it too. The more attractive staff members look in their uniforms, the more trustworthy your brand will become.


It Improves Approachability


If you look at Cap America products, you’ll instantly notice something: the branding helps make your staff more approachable.


Customers want to know who they can talk to when they want or need something. If everyone in your business is wearing identical apparel, that’s not always obvious. If they want to know where an item is, they want to ask a shop floor assistant, not somebody who works in accounting.


Having personalized apparel for different roles, however, can help direct customers and improve approachability. Now everyone knows where they stand.


It Improves Rapport


Wearing a uniform improves rapport because you always know where the other person is coming from. You don’t have to approach with caution or try to figure them out beforehand. If they are representing a business, you can expect a certain level of service from the outset.


This feature is particularly crucial for new service businesses. We’ve all seen the brightly-colored waitresses standing at the ice cream stall or the cash wash professionals in their trendy gear. It’s all about encouraging people to make impulse purchases.


It Showcases Your Brand


Lastly, when your staff wears your uniform, they become walking billboards. Everywhere they go, they remind your customers of your brand – which is incredibly helpful when they travel off-site.


Today, there are numerous vendors out there who will put any logo on practically any piece of apparel. And it’s relatively cheap too. Buy in bulk if you want to benefit from the best deals.