Search Engine Optimization – Looking for the Best Vancouver SEO Companies and Consultants

A physically beautiful city, attractive, livable, trendsetting, famous for all its tourist attractions and various activities like sports, hiking, and food tasting that one can get involved in. Those are just some of the adjectives and terms to describe Vancouver, a lovely coastal seaport city which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Coastal mountains and located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.

With a population of about 631,486 based on the 2016 census, it is the most populous city in the province and also has the highest population density in the whole of Canada. It is ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse with Native and non-native English speakers, French, Chinese and other minority groups.

Places of interest in Vancouver include Stanley Park which is surrounded by water, sandy beaches and a cedar forest. There is also Chinatown, Granville Island Public Market, Yaletown, West End, and Coal Harbour to name a few. See this article for places to visit in Vancouver.

Due to its lively nature and presence of a large population which includes residents, visitors, and tourists, Vancouver is a host to many thriving businesses. What every business craves is attention! Attention attracts customers to notice businesses and that in turn, is what translates to more sales and greater revenue. Imagine owning a company and no one gets a look in or checks up on the business, it is as good as non-existent.

One of the best ways Vancouver companies can get attention is through search engine optimization, regularly referred to by its acronym – SEO. SEO is simply a set of activities carried out on a website so that such a website can rank high for web search results.

For a bustling, contemporary, and cosmopolitan city like Vancouver, virtually every company should have a website. If any does not, it is likely a very old business owned and managed by old people or the owners are generally not a serious lot. A web presence is necessary as a lot of people these days over 90% of the time start whatever transactions they want to do online. A lot even start and finish online especially when buying products. Most of these transactions start with search engine searches for businesses that offer a specific product or service the customer wants.

With that established, it is not just enough for a company to own a website. Everyone seems to own one these days. Since this is the case, what then distinguishes a business from another based on their online presence, especially if whatever product or service they offer is the same? It’s simply SEO.

SEO, properly implemented on a website, distinguishes it from other ones. This is readily seen in search results. It will appear on the first page of the results and not just that, it will be high in the rankings. How does this really work?

How SEO Works

For particular localities such as Vancouver, there is what is referred to as Local SEO. It can also be called Local Search or “Near Me” Search. This describes SEO related to a certain locality so that when, for example, a potential customer in Vancouver searches for a business that sells shoes, the customer will only be presented with businesses in and around Vancouver selling or producing shoes rather than every related business from all over the world. A lot of times, this is achieved either by the user including the locality name in the search criteria or based on the customer’s geo location. See more about that here


For Vancouver businesses, Local Search should be the focus except of course it is a business that caters to international clients.

Breaking it Down

SEO is divided into two but equally necessary parts:

On-site SEO

As defined above, SEO involves activities aimed at helping a site rank high. On-site SEO, as its name implies, are the activities carried out on the website from the design stage to when it goes live. It includes using tools like HTML and CSS to make a site attractive, placing links strategically to lead to what is interesting and of benefit to the consumer. It also includes using images and videos where necessary but just enough to not make the site slow. The use of meta-tags, proper descriptions, and keywords during content creation are quite key. Finally, the website must be designed in a way that is user-friendly and responsive. User-friendliness talks about how easy is it to navigate and work around the site while responsiveness refers to the way it adjusts to whatever device the visitor is using to access the website.


Off-site SEO

These are activities carried out off the website. They include but are not limited to social media marketing and engagement, creatively using inbound links, and listing the site on directories. These may even include word of mouth. These steps are taken to promote, brand and market the website.

All of the above are foundational steps needed to implement search engine optimization on a site in a broad sense. Local Search is important as it focuses on where the very visitors that need a business’ services are situated.

Research shows that more than 60% of people conduct local searches on their mobile phones and most are looking for a local business address. 50% of consumers visit a store after doing a local search on their phone and 34% who searched on their computer or tablet did the same. About 80% of local searches on mobile devices ended in items been purchased and 70% of people say they usually will first search for a business’ location online before visiting.

Added to the stats above, sites ranked first in search results get around 33% of clicks while the second and third-ranked sites get 18% and 11% respectively and this reduces as you go down the rankings.

Getting Started with SEO

For the reasons enumerated above, implementing SEO in the right way is quite important to the success of any business and should therefore be effectively done. This will usually require that the services of an SEO expert and consultant such as IIAS Vancouver with many years of experience and expertise be retained.


These experts will not only help businesses with their SEO needs but also create a strategy to continually provide higher rankings and ratings. They will also continually evaluate these strategies, performing whatever tweaks are required to keep them performing optimally.

To be sure you are getting the right SEO consultant for your company, be sure to carried some research on the company and what they are offering. Check them up online and see how well they rank for relevant keywords.

Getting the right consultant gives you peace of mind and assurance that your marketing is well taken care of. You can then focus on the other important aspects of the business and getting ready to provide good service to the visitors you are expecting.