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The success of digital marketing campaigns isn’t guaranteed – even for those experienced in the art. What worked yesterday might fail today, thanks to the constantly shifting sands of SEO and digital advertising. But fear not, every falter is an opportunity to learn and refine your tactics. Let’s dig into common issues – from the nefarious to the normal – that might be hampering your SEO marketing campaigns and how to fix them.


Beware of ad fraud


Ad fraud is a rising concern for affiliate marketers. Fraudsters, often using an ad bot, visit your site and perform actions that skew your data, leading to a decrease in conversion rates. If you’re experiencing higher traffic yet high bounce or abandon rates, ad fraud could be at play. To combat this, deploy anti-fraud measures and consistently monitor your traffic to identify and deflect potential threats. Any sign of data that doesn’t make sense in a conventional way is a reason to suspect fraud, so study your stats closely.


Keep up with algorithm updates


Algorithms are the secret sauce of search engines, but they’re also notorious for changing. Your campaign might be underperforming simply because your SEO efforts don’t align with the latest algorithm tweaks. To keep pace, stay updated with SEO news and adjust your strategies accordingly. This may involve tweaking your site’s backend or even rewriting some content. But remember, algorithms aren’t your enemy; understanding them is key to harnessing their power. If you’re proactive in pursuing them, then you can keep ahead of the crowd.


Audit your backlinks


The quality and relevance of backlinks are vital for SEO success. But over time, a previously authoritative site might lose its standing or a linked site might become untrustworthy. Regularly audit your backlinks to identify and remove those that harm your SEO efforts. Tools like Ahrefs can make this task easier, enabling you to retain high-quality links that boost your campaign performance – and jettison the bad ones that hold it back.


Give your campaign time


Sometimes, all your campaign needs is time. SEO is a long-term game, and it’s normal for a new campaign to start slowly. Monitor your campaign’s progress over a few weeks before making drastic changes. If you see no improvement, try tweaking your strategy. A/B test different ads on various parts of your blog to identify what works best. More often than not, a simple tweak can reignite a slow-burning campaign. Quite apart from anything else, large-scale revolutionary change may or may not work, but even if it does you may not know what part of it has had the desired effect, while small changes can give you the required information faster.




Navigating the world of SEO and digital marketing is a continuous learning journey. When your campaigns falter, take a step back and assess. It could be ad fraud, a new algorithm update, poor backlinks, or just the need for a little patience. By being proactive, staying updated, and monitoring your campaigns closely, you can uncover and resolve the issues holding you back. And remember, every challenge is a stepping stone towards refining your SEO strategy.