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Millennials: the generation of “making it work”. The millennial generation has come under fire in the media for their relationship to money – the infamous “avocado toast” argument being the main source of belligerence – but in actual fact, statistics show that millennials are the hustler generation.


This means that millennials might not have traditional jobs or traditional values, but they’re paving the way for making it on their own, unlike the older generations who had the advantage of more job security and cheaper housing. Millennials are becoming the envy of other generations as they champion self employment, with many of them having multiple streams of income.


If you want to know how millennials roll, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ways in which millennials are supplementing their income in 2021…

  1. Trading online.

Online trading, from an outside perspective, sounds like risky business. It’s true; there are definite risks when you put your money into trading. However, it seems that millennials have cracked trading: you can now learn to trade by watching YouTube tutorials and using trading simulators, so you’re never caught totally unawares when you’re trading for real.


Using platforms such as Metatrader 4, millennials are earning a passive income. You can trade from any device, from anywhere in the world – so some people decide to take a beach vacation, sip martinis, and trade from their phones. Sounds pretty niche, right?


If you want to get into trading, it’s never been easier. Watch tutorials and sign up to a reputable trading platform today.

  1. Blogging!

Blogging can be extremely lucrative, and many millennials are using supplementary income, reaping the benefits of working online in flexible conditions. If you have something to say and are a keen writer, starting a blog is a powerful way to increase your income and gain experience in working online.

  1. Starting their own businesses.

Millennials are true entrepreneurs – like we said before, they make it work, no matter the obstacles. If you are a millennial who wants to hustle and isn’t afraid of long hours and long term investments, starting a “side hustle” business is a great way to achieve your financial goals.


Starting your own business on the side of your regular job is no easy feat, but it comes with serious benefits. Firstly, you will be widely sought after by employers who are impressed by your motivation, talent and time management skills. Secondly, you will supplement your income with a successful company that gives you more financial freedom for your future. Finally, you’ll be able to live out your dreams and be the successful business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

Final thoughts…

Wanna be like a millennial? Start making stuff happen on your own. Millennials aren’t satisfied with traditional routes to success; they’re all about hustling to make things happen on their own. Use this guide to how millennials make money if you are getting inspired by the millennial generation, and want to reach your financial and personal goals in the long term.