SEO? What exactly are they talking about?


For us mere mortals in the world where everything is on a basic level and our brains have grown to the size they will grow and no more, the letters SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. 

It ‘basically’ means a system is put into place for your business, where the number of online visits to your web site or web page is increased by increasing the availability and visibility to internet users on a specific search engine.

So, if they are looking for something specific, or even related to what you are selling, your web page will pop up like a front runner in the marathon of life of trying to make ends meet. If this runner happens to be you and your business and this is something you are looking for, have a look at to get your foot in the door.


3 Advantages of choosing a Company to come in and help your business.


  • Reduced risks. If you don’t have all the knowledge or resources to boost your business in the way that you might like, you could risk it failing and ultimately end up wasting valuable funds and time.
  • New customers. New branding and more online traffic could reach new markets and further site searches bringing in new clients and businesses.
  • Generate more sales and profits. You can reduce the cost per product unit as you increase your production rate, allowing a larger profit margin.



How do you know if your business is even ready to expand and grow? From my personal experience in having run my businesses for many years, timing is key to wanting to evolve. There are a few things to foresee the consequences of if you plan to move forward.

  • Other ventures: Do you have anything else going on? Launching a new menu, rebranding or even renovating, these projects themselves could be affected and might get in the way of a successful boom in business.
  • Goals: What would you like the outcome to be by getting this influx of new clientele? Increase in sales, to be in demand or to cut out the competition? These need to be clear, and when they are, can you handle the outcome, whether good or bad.
  • Indicators: What makes you think it’s time? Are there more options for products or services you could offer? Is there a need or gap in the market you could fill by extending your product line?

Watching our dreams become bigger realities is always a great personal achievement, just be sure to have a thorough plan in place. Click here and get some insight into what other entrepreneurs and their success stories and opinions are about, see who is who in the zoo.


The Low Hanging Fruit Approach;

This is in the business world relates to the method in which managers or execs take on tasks and opportunities that have easy to achieve goals, and ultimately yield the quickest results. This puts the initial idea ‘on the map’ to consumers, not aiming necessarily at profit-making but more of volume turn over and product awareness.


Once the ‘spike of revenue’ is in full swing, now what?

Well, now it’s time to go to the board room and make sure that you have strategies in place to ensure a sustained and continued growth. Nothing worse than holding strong to then suddenly collapsing off the side of the cliff.

Implementing these strategies is another factor to be certain of, and to make sure you time them very carefully so that they build on the gained momentum, not swallow it or deter from the end goal.


Knowledge is Power.

It’s fun to be in charge and have a constant flow, without asking, of coffee arrive at your desk-usually when it is most needed. Brushing up on your business and management words will keep you in that power suit and tie for years to come.

Growing up in what’s known today as a 3rd world country, and having to deal with individuals ‘in charge’ who just about made it through school, but are now in charge of your life’s documents, I’d say a lot more knowledge and a lot less power!