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Local SEO is such an important part of your marketing strategy. Local Search Engine Optimization involves improving your search engine visibility as a local business. This is a fantastic option for those who run brick-and-mortar stores. What can you do to improve your local SEO stance?

Conduct a Local SEO Audit

In order to get to grips with how good your local SEO is, you can make little changes, but it’s important to conduct a local SEO audit. Companies such as https://armorydigitalmarketing.com can give you a greater understanding of how your business appears on the search engine results page (SERP). In addition, you can look at how your site matches up with the competition, if your website accommodates on-page SEO elements, and if your website is performing effectively. A local SEO audit can do a lot for your business, as it can give you greater insight into how your website is performing now, but also what you can do to give it greater longevity.

Optimizing for Google My Business

Google My Business, now known as Google Business, is the most important tool for local searches. You need to make sure that you are optimized for this, and you can start by creating a profile. You can create a Google Business profile at https://business.google.com/create to get up and running, but you can also “feed the machine” by encouraging customers to share reviews online, and responding to reviews that specify your location.

Maintaining Consistent Information

Making sure that you are consistent on Google also means ensuring your information is consistent. Setting up your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on Google, but also keeping the information consistent across every directory you set yourself up on will vouch for your website’s authenticity. In the United States, you can also optimize yourself in other online directories, such as Foursquare. Because if you have the wrong information, even something as simple as a spelling error, this can spell trouble for your rankings because Google will not be able to determine which information about your business is the correct one, and may not show up your business in all of the results.

Work on Your Link Building

Link building is a critical SEO practice that works wonders locally. You can build links locally by asking customers or clients to link to your website, participating in online forums and communities, and listing your website in local directories. Link building is one of the fundamentals of SEO.

Conduct Keyword Research

Even when conducting local SEO practices, you have to conduct the big SEO practices. You should find out what potential customers are looking for when they are hunting online for local services. You need to use these keywords to sprinkle across your website, including your headings, titles, and in your blog and other forms of content.


Local SEO is not a lesser important aspect of SEO. For businesses that are operating locally, it is critical that you understand the impacts of this all-important tool.