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2020 saw a huge shift from traditional brick and mortar commerce to online commerce. Sure, this change has been coming for years now. But the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic – and governments closing many brick and mortar stores to slow the spread of the virus – has seen the shift skyrocket. 2021 is bound to be the year of Ecommerce yet again. So, here’s how to help your own online store thrive during these times!


Focus on SEO


Of course, if you’re heading online, you really are going to have to focus on SEO. This is an essential business practice that can make or break your online venture. Here are some of the basics!


What Is SEO?


Let’s start out by discussing what SEO actually is. This tends to be a term that’s thrown around a lot, that many people don’t actually understand. Put simply,  “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization”. The goal of an SEO campaign is to make sure that your website ranks highly when people search for the products or services that you’re offering using a search engine like Google. High rankings in search engine results mean that people are more likely to click through to your website (as opposed to a competitor’s) and make a purchase with you. For example, if you sell chopping boards, a successful SEO campaign will see your site rank in the first page of search engine results for search terms like “chopping board”, “bamboo chopping board”, “large chopping board” and similar terms.


Never Underestimate the Value of SEO


It’s essential that you never underestimate the value of SEO. Sure, other areas may look more lucrative. But SEO really is the bread and butter of your online sales. Think about how you shop when you shop online. When’s the last time you went back more than one or two pages searching for something. It’s probably pretty rare, right? You really do need to land on that first page. For help achieving this, we’d recommend that you use specialist services in search engine marketing. These specialists really know what they’re doing!


Invest in Professional Product Photography


Of course, if you’re going to get people onto your site, you’re going to want to make sure that your goods look good when they get there. After all, it’s all good and well being first in search engine results, but if your products aren’t displayed professionally and clearly on your webpage, people still aren’t going to buy them. This is why professional product photography is so essential. High quality photos will show your products in their best light and will encourage people to make a purchase. Remember that images are largely all that customers have to go by when shopping online.


These are just a couple of areas to focus on when it comes to maximising sales through your online store in the upcoming year. Hopefully, they’ll prove pretty useful for you and will see a sales boost!