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When you look at your blog statistics , what do you look at first?

I bet you will say traffic or visitors.

But what is a visit? What value does someone entering, reading something and then is gone forever have?

We need readers to go to our sites, read, come back, re-read, buy and buy again.

We need recurring visits. People who are willing to come back, read our blogs and buy.

If you want to sell online, your mailing list is your  No.1 asset.

It’s useless to have 25,000 hits a month if you are not monetizing that traffic.

Are you ready to  turn your blog into a subscribers and prospective customers generator ?

I hope so because without subscribers and no income you will probably lose interest in your blog quickly.

And if you have no income, I doubt you’re going to write 3 blog posts a week, answer emails, comments and market your posts.

Are you willing to act now and get your email list going?

If you answered yes I am going to show you where to begin and how to get results in less than 7 days.

Here are the 3 most powerful tactics I use to get my first 100 subscribers in less than seven days when starting a new site.

Tactic No. 1 – The launch party

What do you do when you move into a new house, when you open a new store or when you write your first book?

An event to publicize your new baby!!

Well, let’s do the same with your mailing list.

Think about 10 people from your network that might be interested in the subject that you write about in your blog.

They should be people you know are interested in your niche and who are active on social media.

Write them a email or message them saying:

I launched my blog where I share tips on _______________, I think this is something you might be interested in? If you are interested, would you allow me to add you to my newsletter, you will receive my posts when I publish them? If at any time you no longer want to receive my newsletter you can unsubscribe from it.

Then, once they answer, send them a second message:

Thank you! If you think my blog will interest one of your friends, you can send them to (landing page with sign up form) to sign up for my newsletter.

Repeat this process at least 5 times with warm contacts in your network.

It Starts with your friends,  friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, etc, etc.

Ask them permission before you add them to your newsletter. You don’t want to get tagged as a spammer.

As you get the OK, you now have permission to import these contacts into your email provider. Add their name and email address into an Excel spreadsheet and import them all at once.

If you do not know what email provider to use or how to do this, I recommend reading my post on Why I switched to Convertkit.


Tactic # 2 – The Irresistible online gift  (Lead Magnet)

This 2nd tactic will need you to do a little more work, but it can be applied to 99.99% of niches without problem.

I’m sure many of you are students of different online courses, Facebook communities based on your niche and even participate in some private groups.

The members of these community’s might know you because you have exchanged messages, helped them with a problem in a private Facebook group, or even interacted with them in a online course.

Now it’s time to turn them into email subscribers:

1. Creates a irresistible Lead Magnet and offer it through a landing page

This Landing Page, also called a Squeeze Page, will have the sole purpose of getting emails in exchange for a Lead Magnet .

No distractions, no additives, no menu, nothing but the gift and a subscription form.

Here are three examples:

Amy Porterfield Landing Page Screenshot

Amy Porterfield

authority-hacker-landing-page-screenshotAuthority Hacker

eben-paganEben Pagan


Your landing page does not have to look as nice as the ones above. The most important thing is the content that you are giving away, not the design of the site or the design of the Lead Magnet.

2. Share this page In the right places

Now is the time to take advantage of all these groups, forums and communities you are in.

Share your landing page in these places but make sure you read the rules to make sure you don’t get kicked out for spamming.

Download spreadsheet with over 50 Facebook Groups for Marketers to Promote their content

Within hours your list should begin to grow and with this tactic alone you may reach the magic number of 100.

If your lead magnet is great you will also get others sharing your page. This will also increase your subscribers.

Tactic # 3 – The Lead Magnet + Facebook Ads

This tactic is a derivative of the above.

Since you have the Lead Magnet made we will try to get more subscribers by using the power of Facebook Ads.

What you need:

  • Squeeze Page: You should have created this in tactic #2
  • Ad: create an ad with a picture of your lead magnet, a picture of you and minimal design work. If you’re not a fan of Photoshop you can use a free service like Canva.
  • Facebook Business Page: If you don’t have a Facebook Business page you will need to create one to run ads.

Facebook 101: How To Setup An Ad In 5 Simple Steps

How to Grow Your Facebook Fans For Free

Once you have everything setup you should set your ads campaign to run on $5-$10 a day.

In no time you’ll be picking subscribers 15, 20, 30 or 50 cents, depending on your niche and who you are targeting in your ads.

Yes, you’re paying for subscribers but if you use your email list the correct way, you will make your money back 10 fold. (If you set up a tripwire you can get your subscribers for free and make money while running the ad. Ill do a separate post on this soon)

How long will it take for you to get your first 100 email subscribers

You should start today networking and making contacts. You should also be promoting your content so people can start recognizing you when you post.

I hope these three tactics will help you achieve your goals.

There are many more tactics but these are the ones I have had the quickest success with while coaching my clients.

What tactics do you use to get subscribers? Share in the comments below.

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