There are going to be times when outsourcing is necessary. If you don’t have the know-how, the technique, or the capacity to take on certain kinds of labor, then finding the right freelancer can make sure that it doesn’t stall you too much. However, there are things that you might, by default, think to outsource. If you do it without thinking, you could be paying money on something you could just as easily do internally.


Here are five examples of things you don’t necessarily need to freelance.

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Providing customer service

A lot of people hire remote freelancers to man the phones or chat desks in order to provide customer support, but you should never let your business’s reputation rest in the hands of someone who is not invested in it. If you want to provide the highest level of customer service, you need to invest in it, either by doing it yourself or by building a support team that follows a unified approach that you plan with them.


Building a website

When it comes to a one-time deal such as having a website built, you might not need the help of outsiders at all. You don’t need to learn HTML, either. There are tools such as no-code websites that only require you to drag and drop elements into place, then fill it in with content and links between pages. You can launch a site much more quickly and, what’s more, continue to manage and edit it yourself rather than having to hire out for that, too.


Managing your books

If you are too busy to manage your finances then, by all means, a bookkeeper can be a great help. If you’re running a relatively small business, however, then accounting software could help you get to grips with it yourself. It’s important to get a good idea of how to run your own business’s finances, from keeping records to tracking cash reserves to building budgets and so on. If you outsource it all the time, you could miss learning these vital skills.


Your social media marketing

There’s no denying that it takes time and effort to put together a social media marketing plan. However, spending a little time creating social media content each day doesn’t need to be too difficult as long you have an organized approach to it, and social media management tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. As such, it’s not like you need someone who is constantly there with their finger on the pulse of social media to carry out a great campaign.


Your IT

In the case of taking care of your business’s IT needs, you shouldn’t avoid outsourcing so that you can do it yourself. Rather, it’s usually more cost-effective to build your own internal IT team, especially as your technological scope grows bigger.


If you need to save time or you aren’t confident you can handle a certain task competently, then outsourcing can offer you peace of mind. Just be sure to always ask yourself “can I do this myself?” first.