Does your company need a boost, have sales and revenue been slowing down, or do you simply want a boost in morale and self-worth of your company to know you are still doing the right thing? Then a revamp, a relook, and most likely a restructure of your brand and company and website could be in order.

You need a fresh pair of eyes with industry knowledge and expertise to help you make a change for the positive. What you need is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It can not only transform what you already have, your existing brand and vision but help you to build it bigger, better for the next chapter.



To start a new page in the book of your business you essentially need to start at the beginning, and what this means is first understanding what you are getting yourself in for, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization does what it says on the tin, it ‘optimizes’ what you have. It is a process of steps and methods to help your name brand appear higher on the results page of the search engines, ideally, you want your company to appear on page one of the results for your specific genre and industry. This way you are a first choice option.

Some people may say well they can pay for their firm to appear on the first pages and this is true, but why would you pay to get results when essentially you could get them for free, organically, by the natural process?

There are options of a quick fix that gets the job done in a short period and effectively (also known as the black hat method, see here (Black hat SEO) for more information on that) but this is more for people or business owners looking to get noticed quickly and move onto the next project and is referred to an example of what ‘no’ to do, what you want is the long-term goal (referred to as then, the white hat).

You are building an empire, a company that you want around for a long time, and for this to happen things need to be done correctly, and with the help of reliable and trusted professionals you can achieve this. 

In a nutshell, you want your site to have well-labeled images, appropriate and relevant links related to articles and services, and most importantly and a point not many consider essential but you need to have proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structures. If you have ever read an article or blog where the spelling is amateur and the sentences are seemingly thrown together in a jumble sale format you will understand the frustration of it and as many people will just give up and look for something else. Do it right the first time around.

Finding help.

Too many times we simply take the first company name that pops up in the search engine results without considering that they may have paid to be there and are not necessarily the quality of service you are looking for. You need to know what you want, how you want it to be presented, and then find a trusted firm with industry experience to help you reach your goals and potential.

You want professional advice, guidance, and knowledge, and knowing what to look for when searching for the right company will make the process that much smoother. Let’s take a quick look at the top features CEOs and entrepreneurs consider when finding an SEO company to help.

  • Results. This is, of course, what everyone wants and as quickly as possible but don’t rely on a sales agent or marketing manager that claims to guarantee these results. There are no definites in the online world of SEO and if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. The old saying of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is something to think about.
  • Experience. A trait we would consider a given yet it may not always be the case. Look at the number of years the company has been operating, trading for, and this way you can have peace of mind that they will have dealt with clients successfully for a long time but also found solutions to issues across various industries and platforms. 

If these features are ticking the boxes for what you believe to be a quality firm then the SEO company in Detroit could be the answer to your prayers, and one that could help you achieve and then successfully maintain your goals. You have worked hard in life, now it’s time to let the experts lend a helping hand. 

  • References. A good company will have good references and should be more than willing to share these with you, show you results achieved with them, and have case studies on hand to browse and answer questions on. 
  • Certifications. The last checkpoint would be to ensure they are certified to practice across the various search engine platforms, each has specific standards and regulations that need to be met and adhered to and you want your brand to be on the right side of things.


A final thought. 

At the end of the day you want your website to have meaningful, quality content that users want to interact with, suitable variety to keep them engaged, and up-to-date information regarding your products or services. There is nothing worse than browsing a company’s site and finding something you like, and then when you phone them to order they say it is old stock and they are waiting for their webpage to be updated, this is not only annoying but highly unprofessional.

To run a successful company you have to be willing to put in the work, the time, and the commitment, and sometimes this involves investing in the services of others, and if it’s for the company you have worked so hard for why wouldn’t you, right? Industry experts are there to bring out the best version of your brand, and as they say, teamwork can make the dream work, right? Win-win.