Do you want to open an online store on a minimal budget without spending all of your investments? Dropshipping is the best alternative. Dropshipping is a retail eCommerce sales model in which the supplier is in charge of shipping the merchandise on behalf of an online store. You just have to take charge of bringing in new orders and customer service.

In short, if you set a Dropshipping eCommerce store, you only have to generate sales as the product and its shipping is taken care of by the supplier. If you own an online store or if you want to have one.  You might be aware of the challenges regarding storage, shipping, and return. In many occasions, the logistics take up so much of your time and you cannot really focus on selling or growing your business. That sounds easy, right? But a Dropshipping model also comes with its own drawbacks.

Owing to the fact that you never have the products with you, it all depends on the supplier. Just one bad supplier can destroy all your credibility and hard work. However, for Dropshipping to work, you need to choose Dropshipping suppliers with utmost care and planning. That is why it is important to have best suppliers for your Dropshipping store. In this blog, we are going to detail everything on how to find Dropshipping suppliers for your business.

Tips to find best Dropshipping suppliers

Just as a bad supplier can destroy your branding, a good supplier can multiply the value of your brand. Here are some tips to find the best Dropshipping suppliers.

Do your research

To find the best suppliers that suit your needs, do our research. Choose whether you want to go with a domestic or an overseas supplier. When you are choosing dropshipping suppliers, dive deep into the details like raw material sources, service potential, delivery times, packaging quality, and valid experience.

Order samples

Once you have shortlisted 2 or 3 suppliers, order a few samples from them. Test their packaging, quality, and delivery times to ensure you are making the right choice. Ordering samples from the supplier is critical as it helps you to see yourself first-hand how your customers will experience your store.

Follow your competitors

If one of your competitors uses a similar supplier, order from them to understand about the services offered by the supplier such as custom labelling. You can order from them to get an idea about the quality of service they offer so that you can replicate the same to keep up with the competition.

Look for proven experience

When you are choosing suppliers, many would seem to be great, but when you look at their reviews and the services they offer, they might not suit your business. This can be because of the way they do business or because of the materials they used to craft products. Make sure you talk to suppliers in detail before committing to work with them and ask them relevant questions to find out their expertise in the industry. Try finding a supplier who already has valid experience and expertise in your niche.

Dropshipping Suppliers to Avoid

If you work with your own products, everything depends on you, except a few tasks that are handled by third-parties. Dropshipping is not like that. This is why you have to be careful while selecting dropshipping suppliers as wrong selection can disturb your customers and stall your orders. To find whether to consider or to avoid potential suppliers look for the following signs.

Negative reviews

No one indulged in business will tell you that they are anything less than professional, which is why reading user reviews can help. It need not be just the reviews you find on the supplier’s page, but also look at social media and independent websites to get a clear idea. If the reviews involve scary stories than appreciations, you can be confident to reject them. With that said, no business is perfect and you must not expect to find suppliers who have only received acclaims. Instead, be real and assess both advantages and weaknesses of a given supplier before signing the contract. Ensure that they complement the strengths and weaknesses of your own eCommerce platform, too.

Lack of quality- In products and service

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you won’t be in control of the critical aspect of your business in Dropshipping. However, you have the complete power to choose the best Dropshipping suppliers who can offer your online store with high-quality products and service. Order some samples for yourself and investigate it to experience the service yourself. If you didn’t like the products or the services, mostly your customers will not like them as well.

Signs of scam

Choosing Dropshipping suppliers can get difficult when some potential suppliers are not even near to what they claim to be. There are some people on the web who use Dropshipping services as a ground for Dropshipping scams. Inexperienced eCommerce brands fall easily due to lack of experience. One major alarming factor to spot unauthentic suppliers is if they don’t provide much contact details on their website. The best way is to research them online and learn about them from independent sources. You must stay cautious in your search to stay out of the scams.

What You Must Look For In a Supplier?

Just because a Dropshipping supplier wants to partner with you doesn’t make them the right fit. However, how to make sure your selection is right? If you want to gauge a potential supplier’s expertise and commitment to partnerships check for the following-

High-quality products

Top quality products have several unique features. Stellar product reviews and high customer satisfaction are just a few amongst them. Check how many 5 star ratings a particular product gets when compared to total ratings. Also, do check for low rated reviews to get an idea of the worst scenario you can expect from this product. The smaller the range of problems, the better customer satisfaction you can expect. You can also judge by the number of previous orders placed for that product to understand its demand. A good product will also offer better referrals and few returns. If the product listings of the supplier you have chosen checks these boxes, they are worth considering.

Technology orientation

The latest tech in automation, scalability, and efficiency, etc. plays a significant role in the Dropshipping landscape. You have to find dropshipping providers who have great websites and exhausted inventories. Ideally, they must also have an inventory data feed to automatically update product listings. While these factors are not important when you begin with but a supplier that is invested in technology will serve you well in the long run.

Fast shipping capability

Amazon has successfully altered the perception of good customer service by accelerating shipping and delivery times. Fast shipping and one-day shipping is a common trait expected by most customers. If your supplier takes more than 24 hours to ship, you might lose out to your competitors. Dropshipping is quite competitive and you cannot risk slow delivery. It is recommended to choose suppliers who boast a fast-paced supply chain.

Low per order fee

Most dropshipping providers charge a per-order fee for each order you place. Never choose suppliers who charge heavy fees per order. It is better to check for the fees at the beginning. A great way to check whether the fees are high is to compare it with the profit margins you can make. If you are able to make a good profit after high margin, you can choose to work with the wholesaler or move on to the next one.

Good sales reps

Most businesses don’t realize the importance of helpful sales reps of a company. Analyze the behavior and attitude of the sales reps to get a good insight into the type of business you are dealing with. If sales reps are communicating well, accommodating, and respond to your questions honestly and without delays, you are probably in good hands. Whereas if the sales reps are uninterested or evasive, it is better to look for further options.

Different Methods for Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

If you wonder how to get suppliers for dropshipping, there are different ways to find suitable ones and are as follows.

Contact manufacturer

This is the most straightforward way to find Dropshipping suppliers. If you know the products you are going to sell in your store and where the products get made, contact the manufacturer directly to get the list of suppliers who sell their products.

Google search

If you are wondering where to find suppliers for online store, Google search is most common way. Searching on the Internet for a Dropshipping supplier is a bit tricky as it takes some effort, but is a valid method to find the right suppliers. As most suppliers don’t focus on marketing and are optimized for search, you might have to go through multiple search results to find them. Use modifiers like Distributors, resellers, wholesalers, etc. while you search.


Tradeshows offer a great opportunity to meet manufacturers, wholesalers, and Dropshipping suppliers in your niche. It also gives you a chance to have a personal interaction with the suppliers you may end up partnering with.

Online Supplier directories

Online directors are a database of suppliers organized by industry, market or niche. Most online directories have their own screening process to ensure the authenticity of the suppliers, too. Wholesale central, Alibaba, Kompass, etc. are some of the online portals representing different countries across industries. Some directories charge you a small commission to use their services and data, but consider this as an investment rather than a cost.


Nothing is more reliable than direct referrals from the connections you trust. Ask your friends and family if they can refer some of the best suppliers to Dropship your products.

In Conclusion

Nothing comes easy in eCommerce, even if the eCommerce model used for your online store seems less complicated. Now that you have all the information to look for the best Dropshipping suppliers, let’s get searching. Look for companies you can trust and communicate with easily. This way, you will end up saving more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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