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All eCommerce business leaders know that shipping comes with costs. Unfortunately, customers don’t like or accept the idea.


Part of this has to do with the way the industry structures pricing. Many firms offer their audiences “free shipping” when really they’re rolling the cost into the price of their goods.


But this has led to the perception that shipping should be free across the board. And that creates headaches for firms. Customers don’t want to get to the checkout, only to discover that they have to pay more for their goods than they realized.


So what can only firms do to make shipping more appealing? Let’s take a look.


Avoid The Temptation To Overcharge


Firms like to keep their product prices low and then bolster their margins by charging high shipping fees. But this strategy almost always backfires. That’s because it generates disappointment in customers. People don’t want to arrive on your website, believing that they’ve found a great deal, only to discover that it was a mirage.


Be upfront with your pricing. If you can offer free delivery over a certain level, do so.


Include Your Shipping Costs In The Listing


It’s okay to quote your shipping costs, but you should include them in the main listing. Don’t use the product price minus shipping as the headline figure. Again, you’ll run into the same problems as outlined above.


If your shipping costs are variable or based on item weight, ensure that your headline pricing changes dynamically. Again, don’t shock customers when they reach the checkout. If you want your prices to look attractive, keep your shipping fees flat, round numbers so they add to the underlying product price in a way that encourages people to buy.


Take Advantage Of Cost-Cutting Measures


Shipping can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. FTL freight shipping with Unishippers, for instance, is an example of how firms can reduce costs. Doing basic things like using trucks to capacity and partnering with a low-cost logistics firm can all make a significant difference.


Make Speed A Priority


While customers won’t want to pay you anything for parcels delivered in three to five days, they may be willing to pay a premium for next-day or same-day delivery. If that’s the case, you may be able to use these rapid shipping options as a way to increase your margins. Charging extra for keen clients can subsidize your other shipping operations and increase the chance of turning a profit.


Offer Live Rates


Offering live rates is another strategy that many companies are experimenting with. The idea here is to quote shipping prices in real-time, instead of just charging flat fees that don’t really mean much to customers. Live rates help to improve transparency. They show customers precisely what they are getting for their money, and why prices are at their current level.


Give Customers A Choice Of Shipping Options


Lastly, you may want to give customers a range of shipping options. Flat fees above a certain order value can attract larger purchases that are more economical for your firm.