More than 90% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or choosing a business. As a company owner, it has never been more critical to provide first-class customer service. In this guide, we’ll discuss some easy ways you can boost your review scores and ratings by providing a better service.

Use feedback

One of the simplest ways to make your business better is to use feedback. Take time to read and digest comments and reviews, note down ideas and suggestions and look for trends and themes. Identify areas for improvement, address complaints or problems as quickly as possible and try to build on the positives. It’s never nice for business owners to read negative reviews, but they can provide valuable information, which could help to prevent similar issues further down the line.

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Provide a simple, convenient, stress-free customer journey

Customers today have high expectations, especially those who shop online. We have become accustomed to one-click ordering, instant payments and rapid delivery. If you have a website, an app or an online store, make sure that you provide a simple, stress-free, enjoyable experience for your clients. Ensure that content is relevant, accurate and useful, offer a diverse range of payment and delivery options and simplify the ordering process as much as possible. Keep testing your website and take a walk in your customer’s shoes. If pages take too long to load, you have to input a lot of data before placing an order, or you need to complete several steps to make a payment, try to resolve these issues to increase lead conversion.


Streamline logistics

Every business owner encounters issues that are beyond their control in terms of logistical challenges and delays, but streamlining logistics can help to reduce risks and improve efficiency. If you sell products, make sure you have an effective, efficient system in place to ensure that customers receive their orders on time. If you don’t manage everything in-house, look for distribution and delivery companies that have an excellent track record and make sure you are aware of the requirements when selling overseas. It’s a good idea to work with businesses that can get shipments cleared easier and help you understand the challenges of trading internationally. Always make sure that you provide your customers with accurate estimates in terms of time frames and costs. If you fail to deliver on promises, this could affect your ratings and reviews and put clients off choosing your business again.


Add value

It’s understandable to assume that customers will gravitate towards businesses that sell at the lowest price, but for many, value for money is the number 1 priority. As a company owner, you can provide a superior service for your clients by adding value. There are several ways to do this, including using high-quality materials or offering access to perks, such as free delivery or personalization or customization options. Adding value can help you turn heads and set your business apart.