The way you do your business today is far different if you do it several decades or years ago. Technology is evolving, and as it grows, it affects many industries today. One of the most notable technological advances in the world today is the rise of Artificial Intelligence or AI.


Though not relatively new and has been predicted decades ago, AI does not primarily mean the robots who plan to replace humans like in movie plots, we got accustomed to seeing when we were young. The AI of today is used by many industries to enhance their operation and improve their day to day activities.


While the rest of the world watches as AI slowly integrates with many industries, many marketers are also starting to see how AI can be a tool to boost any marketing strategy. While many of the opportunities for AI-powered marketing strategies are yet to see the day of light, there are already AI-boosted marketing strategies that you can do.


Ways AI Boost Your Marketing Strategy


  1. Boost Personalization


One can say that what drives digital marketing to be as effective as it can be is the availability of statics that can derive insightful data and analytics. This valuable information can be the key to drive your business success.


The data you can get from many digital marketing platforms you are using can include personal information, professional careers, demographics, and interest. To make this data work to provide personalized content and augment customer engagement, you need AI to understand these insights better.


Artificial Intelligence can positively affect your marketing strategies as it gives you a proper understanding of your target audience. This lead to one of the most significant trends in doing an online campaign today, which is personalization. As you feed your data to technology-driven AI, it will then process that help profile and segment your customers. This strategy allows you to deliver a personalized message to your target audience. This strategy does not only improve your targeted reach but can also help establish a connection with your customers.


  1. Improve Customer Experience


The focus of many brands today shifted from being a product-centered to a customer-centered approach. The drive today is to make customers happy. Having happy customers means having success in your business efforts as a whole and a positive bottom line. When a business is providing a positive customer experience, it can gain customer loyalty, which also improves your brand authority.

Artificial intelligence can be an adequate tool in making sure you provide an improved customer experience with your niche market. It can give fast and efficient solutions to your target market’s query. AI can also interpret your consumer’s behavior, recognize search patterns, and even understand human emotions that can help deliver a personalized approach.


AI allows you to understand your customers better, which is crucial in providing a seamless customer experience.  Positive customer experience can help your buyers feel good about the transaction they made with you, which influences them to become repeat buyers. They can also start recommending you to their family and friend. This action will help you reach a more extensive reach from a trusted source. Since this a positive review from someone who purchased an item from you, there is a big chance that you’ll gain prospect leads from the recommendations.


  1. Optimize Content Creation


When you say AI in your content creation, do not imagine a stronghold of the robotics army doing lengthy write-ups for you. Maybe in the future, not in this life just yet.  One use of AI in content creation is its ability to produce small data-specific content like tweets or simple news updates. AI can also help you track and monitor your content’s performance.


With content being the core of your digital marketing efforts, it is crucial to make sure it is visible to your target audience. Your visible content means that they can search for your company or brand when they look for products or services that you offer or are related to your niche. A way to this is through the use of powerful keywords that will make you craw in search engine results.


These days, password generation is a lot easier thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence. There are many keyword search tools online that you can even access for free. These tools allow you to find the best keywords to use for your content, how it fares in organic settings, its search demands, difficulty score, and other metrics.


  1. Better Customer Service


With the customer-centered trend ongoing, one of the leading industries, where AI can be seen felt and interacted the most, is customer service.


Customer service for big companies and established enterprises may mean having a room full of tables with computers and customer service representatives who work to resolve issues, answer queries, and troubleshoot complaints. In the case of small businesses, however, this seems to be impossible.


However, as technology continue to grow and AI continue to advance, many companies, including small businesses, begin to leverage on it. The development of AI in recent years and its integration to existing technological advances gave companies opportunities to improve their customer service.


Many enterprises have used AI to improve their communication with customers by giving fast resolution times and quickly providing information. These days, AI-powered customer service can bring a more profound level of interaction with your consumers by understanding your customer’s behavior and preferences, help in providing customized information, and create a personalized experience to your audience.


Small businesses usually leverage on social media as their prime customer service channel, and one of the trends in the digital marketing industry today is the rise of chatbots. Chatbots are AI-powered programs that simulate a human conversation and are available 24/7 that reduces the wait time of your potential customers. It is being integrated into different social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and even on Twitter. These social media chatbots are a great tool to engage your visitors. It is also essential as it helps address any query or concern in real-time, even without any human intervention.


  1. Proper data analyzation


The key to your marketing efforts is to fully understand the data available and integrate it into your campaign. The development of AI technology lets you maximize the collected user data from many channels and help you get an accurate interpretation of your target audience as well as the latest information you have. It can even easily unify all your data in a simple remark.


When these collected pieces of information are correctly analyzed, you can make it easier for you as a business owner or as a marketer to recognize your customer’s needs. You will be able to understand your customer’s buying process. Knowing your audience’s needs will allow you to connect with them better, which makes their experience more positive.  It will also help improve your sales conversion.


  1. Refine Social Media Listening


Social media listening is how you monitor your brand on different social media platforms. You watch out for brand mentions in your customer feedback and other social conversations. It also involves tracking things related to your brands like your competitors, your audience behavior, and your customers’ preferences.


One of the key benefits of doing social listening is being able to stay on the loop of what is happening in your market industry. Knowing all of these things, you can create a better marketing campaign.


While social media listening can help you with many insights, manual monitoring can be tedious.  This situation is where AI came into play. Artificial intelligence in social listening is an efficient way to know the direction of different social media trends. AI provides information and insights quickly, which is gathered from real-time data of social media users. It also collects data even from outside your region, to study, collate, and exam it to provide a better insight.


Tools have also been developed where you can get notified when you a person mentioned you or you are being talked about. These tools allow you to manage a crisis and troubleshoot issues involving your brand if it is a negative mention. Sophisticated social media listening AI tools can even segment your mentions if it connotes a positive experience, communicates with irate customers, and provides essential solutions.


Final Thoughts


Artificial intelligence continues to make waves today. It has created a massive impact on different industries, like marketing. Many experts expect that it is to reach its full potential yet. While it is just starting, it is essential that you leverage these technological advances before everyone does. It will give you a good start and will keep you ahead of your competitors.


AI provides a better understanding of your customers, find your niche market, and gives you insightful data. With AI, companies of all sizes can now also develop a more comprehensive marketing campaign as it learns what the customer exactly wants.


Integrating AI in your campaign will let you know if your marketing is paying off and achieving the goals you have set. In the comings days, AI will become a  powerful tool to boost your marketing strategy.





Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia – the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.