6 Ways To Skyrocket Your Business With Webinars


As an entrepreneur, I used to constantly feel overwhelmed. My days look like this:

Produce new content for my website and current audience, find sites to guest blog for so that they drive more traffic back to my site, build my email list, build a relationship with my subscribers, and try to sell my products/services to generate revenue, etc.

Then, repeat the cycle over and over again.

It felt like I was running 100 miles per hour and I could barely keep up.

Then I discovered webinars and realized that I could do all of those things at once.

My entire online business is now based around hosting webinars. And, it has drastically simplified my entire business model and saved me a ton of time.

Here’s how webinars allowed me to build a successful online business that now allows me to travel the world, living and working wherever I want.

1. Build Your Email List Faster Than Ever Before

I used to work really hard just to get ONE new email subscriber. After that one, I’d work just as hard to get another.

The entire process was exhausting and I felt like my business was growing so slowly that it wasn’t worth my time and effort.

Then, I started hosting webinars and my subscriber list started growing exponentially.

My first few webinars would get 20 new sign-ups.

Then, I started getting 50 new sign-ups.

Then 100.

Now, my webinars get nearly 200 new sign-ups. Every single time.

My email inbox is full of new subscribers when I host a webinar.

email box

Why are webinars so effective for list building? Well, webinars give people a much better reason to hand over their email address compared to most other offers online.

Think about it, which of these makes you want to take action:

“Join my newsletter”


“Sign up to my live online workshop where I’ll teach you exactly how to [insert topic here].”

People are going to be engaged AND enjoy themselves much more in a live workshop, plus they get something in return. And now you have them as a loyal member of your subscriber list.

Which leads me to my next point…

2. I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy…

So now you have someone’s email address – what’s next?

In the past I used to (slowly!) build relationships with my new subscribers over time by sending them weekly newsletters, content, and personal updates.

Building a relationship this way takes forever!

People need to feel like they know, like, and trust you before they would ever consider buying something from you.

And not only are webinars the fastest way to build your list and get new subscribers, but they’re also the fastest way of building a trusting relationship with them.

Broadcasting live and providing value in real time is much more personal than sending out emails. You can tell your story, show your personality and passion, and even answer questions on the spot.

It allows you to shine.

It is incredibly powerful to be able to say “Steph from Canada asks…” and then answer the question, LIVE.

People feel noticed and appreciated.

I’ve had people find my Instagram one morning, register for my webinar that was taking place later that night, and then purchase my product at the end of that webinar.

In less than 24 hours, I had someone go from not knowing I existed, to happily buying my course.

That’s how powerful webinars are.

3. You’re Leaving Money On The Table.

If you already have a business and you’re not hosting webinars, you’re leaving money on the table. (This also applies to you if you’re just starting a new business)

Not only do webinars build your list and create meaningful relationships with your audience, but they also convert much higher than anything else online.

The higher the conversion rate, the more money you’re making.

While email marketing usually converts around 2-3%, webinars can convert at 20% (and higher!).

I got an email one day from someone who was on the verge of giving up on her business. Her email read: “I launched my first information product to my list of 400 people, and no one bought it. I made 0 sales.”

After taking a look at her list and realizing it was a list of highly targeted people, I knew something didn’t make sense.

And, I knew it had nothing to do with her product or offer. It simply had to do with the way she was selling it.

So, I helped her set up a webinar and told her to send out the link to her live workshop to that same list of 400 people.

Renee Li Webinar


Out of 400 people who received her email, about 55 people joined her live webinar.

And out of those 55 people, 7 people bought the information product that she sold at the end of the webinar.

These were the same people who didn’t buy her product the first time she tried selling it to them!

Yet, they bought it this time.

People truly want to feel connected, respected and understood. Webinars hold the amazing potential to deliver this power. No longer are you ‘just another website’, you are now a person who understands their problems and has the ability to provide them with a solution.

Webinars are my superpower solution to getting the highest customer conversion possible.

4. Recycle. Reuse. And, Reduce.

When you host a webinar you are creating valuable content that can be used over and over again.

Always record your webinars, and you will be able to re-purpose them down the road. At the very least, they make amazing freebies to giveaway (therefore getting you even more email subscribers).

There are many different things you can do with a webinar recording:

Use it as a freebie giveaway: re-purpose your webinar recording as a lead magnet for your blog or website.
Sell it: you can sell your recording as an entry level training product at an entry level price. I’ve seen people do this anywhere between 19-47$.
Automate the replay: use an evergreen replay page, send traffic to it, and get signups (and make sales!) 24/7 for a webinar that you already hosted and recorded.
And much more: be creative and use it however you see fit…just please don’t let it sit and collect digital dust on your hard drive.

After you hosted your webinar, recycle it, re-use it, and make it work for you so it could reduce your workload.
I re-purposed a webinar recording for a freebie opt-in on the homepage of my website at michaelcarbone.ca

5. Own The Stage

Think of any TED Talk you may have watched, or any live speakers at an event you attended. Think back to how you felt about them when they spoke.

Chances are, even if you had never heard of them before, you instantly gave them a certain amount of credibility and saw them as an authority. Simply because they’re on that stage.

They must be there for a reason, right?


Well, the same is true for webinars. When you host your own live webinars, people start looking at you as an authority and a major player in your niche.

My article was featured on the cover of Branders Magazine and I had a full 2-page spread inside.


Since I started doing webinars, I’ve been featured in magazines, blogs, podcasts and in the press.

So, go out there and own the virtual stage, present awesome content, and propel yourself and your business to a place of high recognition.

6. Start Now, Even If You’re Small.

My favourite thing about webinars is that they’re PERFECT for people who have a small list and want to increase sales, or even those who want to start an online business but haven’t launched yet.

The reason why this matters to me so much is because I started using webinars when I had a a small email list and I was struggling to make sales. And without webinars, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
We all look at the size of our list and feel that we are insufficient: “I can’t host a webinar when I only have 100 people on my list.”
A screen shot of my Paypal account after hosting a webinar that made over $2,500 while backpacking across Australia.

michael carbone paypal
But, because webinars have such a high conversion rate, you are able to generate a significantly higher amount of revenue than you think, even with a small list of subscribers.

If you can manage to get 20 people on a webinar, and convert at 10-20%, you’re already making 2-4 sales.

Selling an entry level product of 100-200$ and making 400-800$ is not too shabby in my opinion!

And, that’s just on 1 webinar…what if you hosted 1 every month?

Or even, every week?






Michael Carbone is an online entrepreneur, Ironman, traveler, and the founder of the Unleash Yourself podcast on iTunes. If you enjoyed this article and want to take it a step further, join his free 3-day course on webinars or learn more at michaelcarbone.ca.