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Having a great website as a tool for your business can yield significant results when you do it right. WordPress is a popular content management resource many companies use to run an effective site or blog. With about 35% of the web using WordPress currently, this platform constantly evolves and provides its users with practical ways to create and manage engaging content. What are some of the WordPress tips and tricks you need to help your business succeed online? Here are a few worth considering.

  • Use cache plugins

With more people using the internet each day, it’s best to develop strategies to manage your site traffic. Fortunately, WordPress offers you cache plugins to keep your site smoothly running even when there’s massive traffic to your page. These plugins help to reduce loading times and also help improve your visitors’ overall user experience. This result, in turn, increases the likelihood of them revisiting your site. Aside from installing cache plugins, it’s also vital that you monitor and regularly update all plugins you use to ensure that they’ve been installed correctly and deliver the desired results for your site.

  • Don’t overlook SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital in improving your brand’s rankings and visibility online. WordPress enables you to optimize your site by default but goes a step further to provide you with tools to boost your SEO performance even better, with the Yoast SEO plugin being the most popular. Their resources make it easier for you to complement it with other SEO efforts. For instance, aside from using WordPress SEO plugins, you can also get expert help from to enhance your rankings in organic search results.

  • Avoid overusing social media widgets

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience, and WordPress allows you to include your social media handles on your site to make it easily shareable. However, if you load your site with too many social media buttons, it may affect your page’s loading speed. Instead of using all the social media widgets available, it’s best to only stick with the ones you’re sure your site visitors use the most to connect with you. For instance, it’ll be ideal to use an Instagram button instead of LinkedIn if that’s where your users spend most of their time interacting with your brand. If you occasionally want to direct them to your less-used social media pages, you can opt for an in-text link instead.

  • Take advantage of WordPress themes

WordPress offers you several customized themes to suit the nature of your business. Its user-friendly interface gives you the suitable designs you need to start and manage your site or blog without necessarily hiring a professional web developer. Their theme directory allows you to choose from a wide variety of themes with different fonts, colors, etc., to give your site a great look that your users can relate to, and that will sustain their interest. These responsive designs are also ideal for different devices, be it a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

WordPress is free and easy to use and can provide several benefits for your business if you use it the right way. With the tips listed above, you can give your site visitors the best user experience and obtain measurable results for your small business or start-up while boosting your web presence.