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Having a business blog is a really good idea for SEO purposes, but there is more than your business blog can do for you than simply help you to climb the Google ranks and increase your traffic. Read on to find out more…


  1. It can showcase your products


If, for example, your shampoo is totally cruelty-free or your vape pens use Blinco instead of ccell cart, and you want to sing that from the rooftops, as well as getting into why that is such a good thing for the consumer, your business blog is the perfect place to do that. It gives you the time and space to really explore the issues and go into depth about the benefits of using your products and services as opposed to the competition, which is always worthwhile in terms of marketing.


  1. It can turn you into an expert


When you regularly post on your business blog, providing you do all the right things to ensure it gains traction and finds an audience, people will start reading, taking note of what you say, and becoming more familiar with your name and picture. This can benefit your business big time because they will come to trust you as a person who is deep in the niche and knows their stuff, which, of course, means they are far more likely to buy from you than the competition, all other things being equal when it comes right down to it.

Pixabay – CCO Licence


  1. It can help you with ideas for social media


Marketing on social media is one of the best ways to sell your products and services right now, but it can be hard to come up with ideas for good social media content. Of course, if you have a good business blog on the go, this will be a whole lot easier because you can simply repurpose much of the content on your blog for use on social media, ideally in another form such as video or infographic.


  1. It can increase engagement


When you have a business blog that allows comments, it can be a great way for you to directly engage with your target audience on a range of issues. They can really get to know you, and you them, which will foster a greater sense of customer loyalty and help you to work out what your business is doing well and what you could improve upon. Of course, this will only work if you return to your blog posts and get stuck in, but I strongly suggest you do because, as I said, it can be really helpful for customer relations, and your business in general.


As you can see, starting a business blog, if you don’t have one already, is an excellent way of boosting your profile, promoting your business, and engaging with your customers, which is why, in 2021, everyone, no matter what business they are in, should have a company blog.


Of course, your blog will need to be good for any of the above to be applicable, so do take it seriously!