As a business owner, you are always going to have a lot of potential tools in your arsenal. Use these tools correctly and you will ensure that your company is a stronger presence on the market. You will often be able to increase your chances of success and improve your levels of performance.


One of the best examples of this is probably the tech that you have at your fingertips. There is a vast range of tech available to consider. Here are the possibilities that we believe should play a key part in your business model.


Cloud Servers

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A cloud server should certainly be a key part of your business model in the modern age. Experts agree that the cloud will, in general, be far more secure compared to the typical computer or even an external hard drive.


A big benefit of a cloud system is that the information is not stored in the physical location of your business. Instead, a cloud drive could be anywhere in the world. It might not even be in the same country as your business. Anyone attempting to access the information from outside your network will find it incredibly difficult to do so. This is due to the fact that all the information on the cloud is typically encrypted. As such, even if they could access it, it wouldn’t be any use to them. Of course, security is not the only benefit that the cloud provides. There are others.


It’s true to say that in the modern age of business, there is a greater need for larger storage options when it comes to data. Just consider email. How many emails do you receive on a daily basis? Quite a few we imagine. Some businesses will receive hundreds of emails a day. So it doesn’t make sense to clog these up on the system. With a cloud server, you don’t need to. Instead, these emails can be stored there and this brings another advantage too.


Data stored on a cloud isn’t just secure and it’s not just separate from the actual capacity of your computer. It will also be accessible in seconds. Indeed, it’s far faster than accessing a more typical email server.


You might be wondering how to set up your own cloud email. Well, this will depend on your operating system. If you are using a Mac or any Apple device, then you will find it’s possible to set up an iCloud email in no more than a few minutes.


Voice User Interface

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You might think that a voice user interface is just a cool like gadget or feature that you can use in the comfort of your home. However, we think once you explore this tech, you’ll discover that it can provide benefits in the typical work environment. Let’s explore why this might be possible.


First, it’s important to be aware that typical consumers are using this tech more than ever. From a marketing perspective, that’s quite important to your company. It means that rather than typing in keywords, a consumer may simply ask a piece of tech they have a question. If you think this means that you should be rethinking your SEO strategy, will you are absolutely correct? You need to make sure that you are building content around questions rather than simply focusing on individual keywords. You should aim to solve the queries that customers have when they research the service or product that you are providing.


As for how this tech can be used in an office, there are lots of possibilities. But one of the best is probably the boardroom. With a voice user interface set up, it’s easy to keep track of the usage for boardrooms, schedule a meeting and ensure that everyone receives a notification to attend.


You can also make sure that you are making your business more efficient. It will be easy to discover what boardrooms are being used and which are vacant. As well as ensuring that there are no issues with double bookings, you can guarantee that you don’t have to worry about space in your business office being severely underutilised.


Shared Platforms

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It’s true to say that a lot of businesses are being set up to achieve a high level of flexibility. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s about whether or not individuals in the business can operate under different circumstances. For instance, you might find that some employees can function beautifully from the comfort of your home. The big benefit of this is that you won’t have to worry about needing massive office space in your business.


However, you can only do this if you are able to effectively keep everyone on the same page and that can be quite difficult. Particularly if they are completely spread out and they may even be in different time zones in some cases.


That’s where a shared platform can come in handy. A shared platform will usually run using a cloud server. It’s worth noting that it can be a bespoke solution or you can use an existing platform that is prebuilt. Your choice here is usually going to depend on what you need the shared platform for and your individual business set up.


It will also depend on your budget. As perhaps expected, a bespoke platform is always going to cost more money overall. You’ll need to decide whether it’s a price that’s worth paying.



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This won’t be relevant for every business model, but for many companies, it could be a complete gamechanger. Automation is essentially the process of removing human interactions from a process. Instead, it is completed only with the input from machines or software. In the past, the availability of this option has been largely confined to the manufacturing world. However, times have changed and automated tech is now coming into other major business sectors.


For instance, it is now used in the medical industry. When patients check-in, they will typically no longer speak to a receptionist. Instead, they can sign in using the automated platform. This allows the process to be smooth, rapid and avoid any potential errors. As well as this, it ensures that the workers are able to complete other tasks. These could be crucial for maintaining key processes in the business model.


Of course, automation may also limit the need for workers too. For instance, it may soon be possible for automated systems to complete orders at tables in restaurants. This tech is already being explored at food places in Japan. Wallmart has also announced plans to introduce automated systems for basic processes like shelf stacking.


We hope this helps you see that tech could be a fantastic solution in your business. There are so many possibilities here and each is going to make your company stronger. It could help you limit costs and increase levels of efficiency. It is, however, important not to get too carried away here. There are cases where relying on software could hurt your company more than you think.

For instance if you automate your marketing campaign, then this may impact the quality of your promotion strategy. This could knock your business back and allow the competition the chance to gain the upper hand. Technology hasn’t quite reached a point where it can trick to Google algorithm into thinking a human was responsible for marketing materials or the design of a website. Sometimes, it’s still worth relying on the people behind your business rather than the technology that is available.