It is no surprise to anyone to hear that the smartphone is an important tool in business. No matter who you are or what kind of a business you run, it is highly likely that you are going to make good use of the existence of the smartphone in some way or another. But it is necessary to actually get really clear on how you are going to do that, and specifically what you can do to ensure that your use of smartphones is aiding your business, rather than hurting it in any way. In this post, we’ll look at three ways in which smartphones can be used to help your business along.

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Text Messaging


Because it is now one of the older features of a phone, many business owners find themselves overlooking the potential power of text messaging. However, if used in the right way it can be extremely powerful, and it’s certainly something that you want to consider if you are wondering how best to market your business. Indeed, what many businesses use QR codes for could be achieved much more effectively with a simple text message campaign. In the battle of SMS vs QR codes, there does seem to be a clear winner in text messaging, so make sure that you are bearing that in mind.




Smartphone apps are one of the best things to happen to businesses in recent years. You can use apps for all sorts of things: to help your customers, to provide services and support, to market effectively, and much more. Depending on what kind of app you are thinking of developing, you can find that it makes a huge difference to how you think about the smartphone. Whatever you go for, make sure that you seek out the help and assistance of a professional app developer. That way, you can be sure that the app in question is going to be as good to use as possible – important for your customers, and for yourself and your own business too.

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Smartphones are equally useful as a customer-facing tool, and as a tool to use in-house, and many of their functions work well in both settings. Email has to be a perfect example of this. You can of course use a smartphone to easily access email – meaning that you can keep up to date with your business and your colleagues wherever you are. We are all used to that. But you can also entrust the fact that your customers have their phone on them at all times. That means you can direct email marketing campaigns in such a way that they are likely to click the notification – and so deliver your message much more directly and easily than ever before.


These three ways are just some of the most effective means of using a smartphone to help your business with its various aims. Make sure you are always thinking ahead and pushing the boundaries, and you will be able to make some huge changes.