You heard it a thousands times, you need at least 1,000 qualified subscribers to make a decent income online.

But at the pace you’re going, you’ll reach it by 2020


You try the strategy I am going to introduce to you

If done correctly this strategy will have about 60% of your new visitors signing up for your email list

Interested? Well keep reading, I’ll be explaining what a Lead Magnet is and how to create one in this step by step guide.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A Lead Magnet is a free gift that is sent to a new subscriber.

The lead magnet can be any of these things:

  • Free Mini-course or challenge
  • PDF guide or checklist based on your niche
  • Free resource work (Excel, Word, graphic, …).
  • Video or audio training exclusive to email subscribers.
  • Discounts for shopping at your store.
  • Free trial software download
  • Quiz or Survey

The objectives of a Lead Magnet are:

  1. Increase the number of subscribers to your list: by offering more than just the subscription, you will get more subscribers.
  2. Send traffic to your blog key post: The Lead Magnet can send traffic to certain key posts, affiliate sales pages, or posts that will help turn your readers into buyers.
  3. Help Facilitate the sale of a product: Lead Magnet can be a “mini” version of something that you will sell to your list at a later date.

Why is it so important to have a Lead Magnet?

Think about it: what real incentive does a subscriber have to join your list?

A lead magnet is the first step in a successful email campaign. It is used to build a huge email list and capture emails of potential customers and return visitors that you can promote your content and products to.

The importance of a large mailing list cannot be under-estimated.

But what do they get?

I’m sure you’ve seen that almost all site offer a newsletter in exchange for you giving them your email address. Most people get enough emails in a day and don’t want to recieve another unless they were getting something back in return.

About 10 years ago offering a newsletter worked great since it was very rare for sites to do it, Now that all sites offer newsletters you need to be more creative in order to get the reader to give you their email addresss.

Example of a lead magnet

Imagine you had a Local Dive Bar in NYC

What would you do to get the attention of the locals in the area?

There are many things you can do. One idea is offering them a coupon or a free gift for coming to your bar.

Another example

If your blog is about first time parents, maybe you could give away an ebook.

The ebook could be about “Five tricks to make your baby sleep through the night”.

This will defintly be of interest to first time parents..

Your goal is to reach more customers, so you need to think like they do:

  • What do they really want?
  • What problem can you help them solve
  • What can you offer them for free that will get them closer to becoming buying customers

And if your business is properly aligned, your lead magnet will have be related to your services or products that you will sell later in sales funnel.


  • Sell parenting courses for new parents.
  •  On your blog have posts about childhood education and how to raise their children.
  • Your lead magnet is an ebook called “Five tricks to make your baby sleep through the night”.

This will insure that all readers that subscribe to your email list have an interest in that topic.

Email marketing: How to increase your open rate in 2016

How to design the perfect Lead Magnet for your subscribers in just 3 steps

# 1 Find out what your readers No.1 problem is.

The first thing to do, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while (3-6 months), is to review what are your most popular posts.

To do this you just go to Google Analytics click on the ‘Behavior’ tab, then click on ‘Site Content’ and ‘All pages’.

There you can find your posts with the most page views and your popular posts.

If you also have a post with many comments, take advantage of it . The fact that your readers comment shows that there is interest.

Once you have located the most popular and commented posts, visit these posts and write down the theme and common questions that appear in the comments.

This info will guide you in creating your lead magnet.

After analyzing your posts you should have a good idea of what your readers problems are and what they need help with.


# 2 Make the content outline for your Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet should only take 1-2 hours to create.

It is free so you want to start with something small

Some examples are:
  1. Checklist: Do you have a very long post you can divide into steps? Create a simple checklist with steps and offer them as a guided map for your post.
  2. Worksheet: Some posts require the reader to do some work so that they can understand everything that was written. Create a small worksheet with the task at hand to get your readers to subscribe.
  3. List of resources: Create a list of tools to support the article and explains what each one is.
  4. Extra tips: give out a extra 10-15-20-50  short and essential tips on the topic your are writing about that can be read in 5 minutes or less.
  5. Exclusive video: Create a small video tutorial on the topic you are writing about.

When you have your Lead Magnet ready just put it in Microsoft Word or something similiar and format it.

For the graphic which you will include in your optin box or subscription form (ConvertKit), you can use Canva to create.

Create a PDF and your ready to go.

If you don’t have time or are not good at design you can always use Fiver and get something made for you for $5


# 3 Includes your Lead Magnet in your newsletter subscription form

Once you have the PDF you just have to include it in your site and replace that boring newsletter form you had before.

  1. Create a subscription form: For this site I use Convertkit and OptinMosters to create my subscription Forms. You can also check out Thrive Leads .
  2. Use this form on your home page, on your sidebar and as a pop up: It is recommended that you show the Lead Magnet wherever you can. I Include it on my sidebar of your blog, in the post, at the end of post and in a pop up every time someone comes to my blog. Beware of pop ups, if they are too intrusive and repetitive your readers might not like them
  3. Modify your welcome email: Your welcome email should now include a download link to your new lead magnet

In this step it is important that you include copywrite that your ideal client understands. If you offer something impressive but with a horrible copywrite no one will want to download it.

The Lead Magnet is only the begining

A good Lead Magnet is only one way you can build a list.

So today I want to give you a gift with this blog post: A guide with 77 Tactics and Tweaks For Building A Big List of Subscribers in Any Niche

These are tactics I have used to get my email subscribers to over 10,000 and make over $6k every month from it.


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Lead Magnet = more visibility, more authority and more sales.

Start creating your lead magnet now and you can get your first 100 email subscribers in the next 7 days