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Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use today. With so many potential customers because of the vast reach of platforms like Facebook, you could use only social media. However, you would be missing more opportunities without print, SEO or branding. Socials can help you immensely, but you can enhance your efforts with other types of marketing.

Conferences, Seminars and Trade Shows

Social media is excellent for extending a hand to a vast potential of clients and customers. But event marketing can help you network in a way that social media cannot because you can laser target a specific theme for clients. You can also accommodate guests with catering from to help generate interest in your upcoming product with hands-on events for promotional purposes.

Print Media with Social Media Marketing

There is a genuine case to be made for social media marketing, yet some people don’t engage with it. It is foolish to assume that all your potential customers use online services like social media because not everyone does business online. In fact, one survey found that only 30% of US customers prefer to do all their business using the web. Therefore, there is a massive potential for supplementing alternative marketing methods with traditional print media ads.

The Power of Social Media Influencers

Engaging with social media influencers isn’t a necessity, but there are some unique benefits when it comes to marketing for business. If you can engage with an established influencer, there is a vast potential reach from an existing and already interested customer base. However, social influencer engagement can be challenging, and most will require a reason for mentioning your brand. They may also prefer niches to be related, and almost all top influencers will want money.

Marketing Socials with SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for online competition these days. And you probably already use it for your business blog. But you may not know that you can use SEO on social media platforms much in the same way, but there are differences. Here are some easy suggestions:

  • Include social media sharing buttons on your website and blog.
  • Use keywords in social media posts just as you would for on-page SEO.
  • Use bio links to build domain authority, as these are follow links, unlike post links.
  • Share links to and from blogs and video media sites for increased traffic to both.
  • Encourage positive online mentions across social media platforms.

Just having integrated social buttons encourages user-based sharing, which is basically free marketing. You can also use bio links to link out to your posts or website because social post links are not followed and will not contribute to DA. However, some are beginning to change this.

Enlisting the Local Media

Print media has already been mentioned as a powerful way to promote products and services. You can do this on a wider scale or keep it local, as you would local SEO. There are also some opportunities that should accompany this, such as local media. Local media could be local TV and local radio. These are invaluable for reaching a local audience that you want to target in a similar way to using local SEO via Google My Business and working to build more trust.

Performance and Social Media Marketing

All your marketing efforts are for nothing without performance. Performance is the measure of your combined branding and marketing, such as SEO, PPC and advertising. Services like Google Ads are a perfect example of where your efforts work to convert online users. Social media platforms have performance marketing services built into their systems, and they are very powerful. They are so powerful that your average ROI will be around $2.80 for every dollar.

Building Your Brand for Recognition

Branding is a necessary part of marketing and works extremely well via social media platforms. That is because a large part of branding is visual and works to engage, which are two of the most robust features of any good social media platform. Visual branding for social media is also made much easier using AI tools that can help you create logos, slogans and even short-form videos for product promotion. Some of the best include Logomaster and FlexClip, respectively.


You can use events like conferences to enhance precious social media marketing. Yet standard practices such as SEO can also be used on social media platforms, but it is a little different. Yet socials also provide a great way to help customers form a visual image of your overall branding.