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How To Create A Social Content Strategy For Your Brand

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Branding, Social Media | 8 comments

One of the most important things that will help advance your brand on the internet is using analytics to help inform your forward strategy. Analytics today are more comprehensive and applicable than in perhaps all of human history—barring the antediluvian realm remembered in myths of Atlantis, of course.

Through analytics you can see exactly how effective moving to your “left” or “right” ends up being in the market. You can use analytics to simultaneously optimize your operations and propel you forward. The more streamlined your online presence is, the more likely you are to increase views, subscriptions, likes, shares—you name it.

Through analytical observation, certain tiny details can be ironed out which may represent the difference between total success and total failure. A great example is the logo. There has been a lot of research done here, and it turns out every minute detail of your logo has a great deal of importance.

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Logo Considerations

A lot goes into having an awesome logo; according to, “Regardless of what they say, there really is a lot more to creating a logo that will have the impact you want. A great logo design takes a lot of work. A logo must convey values, identity and more and represents an entire brand or company. That is no simple matter.”

You’ve got to get the color right, your logo needs to be communicative in a primal, subconscious kind of way, and it has to be applicable to the broadest swathe of potential clientele—unless you’re in a niche industry, of course, in which case things change. It makes sense to work with consultants or professionals to get it right.

But once you do have it right, you can really legitimize your online presence. The right logo on a YouTube video makes your brand immediately recognizable, and eminently sharable. When things look official, there’s a subconscious switch clicked in the viewer’s mind which lends legitimacy to that which you’ve said.

Whether you’re saying these things on a social media platform, on a blog, or on your own website, if you’ve got the details ironed out, you’re likely to see a vast increase in both new clients and associated sales. With that in mind, you want to optimize your online outreach strategy such that it employs the most successful avenues of approach.

Widely Known Social Media Outlets

Right now, two visual social media outlets have become increasingly popular, and even define activity in the daily lives of almost everyone across the world who resides in a developed country. Those outlets are Instagram and YouTube. Statistics help reveal why: people respond to visual stimuli. Pictures and videos are captivating.

You’ve heard it said that a picture says a thousand words? Well, a video is made up of pictures taken extremely quickly. Around thirty frames in a second define HD, or High Definition, video. That’s 30,000 words a second, if you were to extend the saying. If you really want to get your business visible, you want a successful YouTube campaign.

But it’s not as simple as just posting videos about your products and services. If you want to gain more likes on YouTube, according to, “While you must be disciplined in creating and posting procedures, it’s important to remain casual in your YouTube journey. YouTubers relate to fun. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.”

The key here is: entertainment. Your videos must be fun, they must be communicative, and they must entertain. Nobody—or at the very least, a minority of the global population—is interested in the ingestion of boring material for hours on end. They want to be stimulated.

Determining Your Best Approach

Some stimulation suggestions include using humor or using sensuality. The latter is going to be less exemplative of your business, and will alienate certain constituent consumer groups. Sex sells, but what they don’t tell you is that sex mostly sells itself, not the products it is used to endorse. But humor works across the board, and sells the product.

When you think “Geico”, you think of a little English lizard running around doing snarky things for thirty seconds. You think “insurance” as well, and this organization’s humor-based ad campaign has been so successful that it has prompted a sort of copy-cat insurance humor campaign through “Flo” of Progressive.

Both of these insurance companies have YouTube channels which extend the “adventures” of Flo and the Geico gecko. Doing so helps increase their visibility, increase their likes, increase their shares, expand their brand, and expand profit margins.

Both organizations use fun, simple advertisement campaigns as well. You want to model your online YouTube channel in a similar way. It should be full of useful content that’s relevant to your audience, but it should have some element of “fun” about it, too. That fun doesn’t necessarily have to be humor related—it could be intellectual, depending on your audience. It’s just got to be there.







Optimizing YouTube Visibility

Additionally, it makes sense to advertise your YouTube page should that be affordable. You may also want to buy likes—that’s a “thing” now. And oftentimes it can be effective. As well, you should use keywords in the titles of your vids as well as the video descriptions. Always link back to your site, too. That goes with any social media outreach.

Content today is one of the most effective means of advertising there is. Done right, it can really help maximize your business’s potential. Since statistical examination in the form of analytics has additionally hit a region of effectiveness not previously known, the stage is set for serious success.

If your business hasn’t established a YouTube page yet, you should put someone in the marketing department in charge of this undertaking, and ensure they upload new content at regular intervals. The more content you’ve got, the better. But you want that content to be useful! Useful content yields results.